Offshore fishing, its benefits, and the use of kayaks

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use-of-kayaks-1Offshore fishing is an advanced experience for any fisherman or angler who has not had the experience. Many anglers usually stick to on shore fishing and they are content with the experience. Despite on shore fishing being a wonderful experience too, off shore fishing provides more than the on shore fishing could provide.

The biggest advantage of off shore fishing is the fact that one has the chance of getting to more fish and more fishing spots. At the shores, one is only limited to the few fish that will come close to the shores. Many times the fish will avoid coming close to the shores since they are disturbed by the increased activity at the shores that are as a result of human and animal activity.

Many fish like to instead stay further away from the shore where there is more quiet and peace. Further from the shores the water is also deeper and hence more swimming space and more room to evade predators. In the deeper water, the fish are therefore more relaxed and less wary as they would be close to the shore.

Venturing further into the water is therefore a huge advantage for the angler who can have an easier time to catch the fish. The angler also has a larger population to fish further into the water.

In venturing off shore, the angler needs to have a suitable vessel that will provide all the necessary conveniences. One of the best fishing vessels that is used for modern day angling is the kayak. The kayak is favored as a fishing vessel due to numerous factors including the fact that it is very easy to use, control, and navigate.

Kayaks such as sea touring kayaks are designed to make it easy to travel over long distances at speed. As such, an angler can venture great distances into the water bodies in search of different kind of fish. In a kayak, the journey can be covered in a shorter time using less effort. A kayak will also provide more safety for the kayaker. This is because it is very hard for kayaks to have accidents such as capsizing accidents.

In case one capsizes in a kayak, it is very easy to recover. In a sit in kayak, experts can easy roll the kayak and get the kayak back to its upright position. In a sit in kayak, one can simply jump off the kayak, correct the kayak, and get back on board to continue the fishing escapade.

Today there are modern inflatable kayaks that can also be used for offshore fishing. Inflatable kayaks are cheap kayaks which are a great option for anyone who does not want to spend too much money. Inflatable kayaks are easy kayaks to use and they are very portable. They can be easily carried from one fishing ground to another without much difficulty.

However, inflatable kayaks are not very good at speed and agility in the water. They are therefore not very good at going very far offshore.

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Kayaking as an ideal hobby for the modern day reveler

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Kayaking 8

We all have different things that we like doing. Activities that individuals love doing especially during their leisure times are usually referred to as hobbies. Hobbies are important since they provide avenues through which we are able to find an escape from the tumultuous lives that we live. Having a period where we can relax is important for every individual as this provides the body, especially the mental faculties, with some time to get some rest and get reinvigorated.

There are many kinds of hobbies that people can engage in and provide their body with adequate recess. One of the best ways to relax in the present day is going out kayaking.

Kayaking is an activity that involves sailing on water bodies using this vessel called a kayak. A kayak is a vessel that is very similar to a canoe. The similarities of a kayak and a canoe are in the design of this water vessel. Like the canoe, it is slender and it allows only one person across the width, i.e. two people cannot sit side by side. The original kayak allowed only one person per kayak but advanced tandem models have been developed that allow 2-4 people per kayak. The people in a tandem kayak sit along the kayak’s length i.e. one in front of the other.

Kayaks have gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to their numerous advantages as recreational vessels.

Kayaking provides the individual with a period of fun since the very action of paddling and steering the kayak is very entertaining. Sailing on the water is also very refreshing and while kayaking one is able to enjoy other attractions including observing marine wildlife from close quarters, watching different kinds of bird species as they go about their natural life – which includes hunting for fish, sightseeing – especially in places where the water body is bordered by beautiful landscape and land formations, and one can also enjoy different types of sporting activities too.

Some of the common sports that kayakers participate in include kayak racing, deep sea kayak touring, and white water kayaking. White water kayaking is where the kayakers attempt to sail down ferocious fast moving rivers that have rapids and falls. Experienced kayakers also use special types of kayaks to show boat. Show boating is where the kayakers perform assorted types of acrobatic moves using their kayaks. This is normally as a form of entertainment for spectators. Show boating is also done as a competitive sport where participants compete in terms of the difficulty of the moves they execute.

People who love kayaking and take it up as a hobby are normally inclined to buying their own personal kayaks which they can use at their own convenience. There are cheap affordable kayaks available that individuals can buy without necessarily having to break the bank. A good example is inflatable kayaks which are not only cheap but they are also very advantageous for the hobbyist since they are very easy to carry around and they are also very easy to use – even for beginners.

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The ultimate guide for sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks

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and sit-on-top kayaks

Kayaks come in an array of different designs with different features. They are made of different materials such as fiber glass, high quality PVC, plastic, Kevlar and wood. Choosing among all these different features will largely depend on how the buyer plans to use their kayak and the environment for which the kayak will be used. For instance, a kayak built for rough rapids would be difficult for distance paddling while a kayak built for sporting would be difficult to use for fishing. Basically, kayaks come in two distinct styles; sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks.

A sit in kayak has a seat that is inside the kayak’s cock pit. These kayaks feature an opening at their top where the paddler can get in and out of the kayak. There are sit-in kayaks fitted with water skirts over the opening that prevents water from getting into the kayak. This way, the paddlers are able to remain dry the whole time.

A sit-in kayak represents the traditional style where the paddlers’ sit with their legs inside the enclosed cock pit. The vessel also features adjustable foot rests, back rests, cup holders and arm rests fitted inside the cock pit to ensure that the paddler remains comfortable. These kayaks are narrower and longer, a feature that makes them easier to paddle and faster than the sit-on-top kayaks.

Sit-in kayaks are more suited for skilled kayakers. They are the best for those who consider them as an alternative mode of transport rather than mere fun toys. They have storage spaces that keep gear and other personal effects dry. They are the best suited for cold environments as they shelter the paddlers from cold wind while keeping them dry. In case the vessel flips, water cannot get into the kayak due to the water tight skirt. An experienced pilot can use his body to roll a capsized kayak back to its upright position.

Sit-on-top kayaks on the other hand are very user-friendly especially to the recreational user. They are considered more stable and are easy to move in and out. They have scupper holes that allow water to drain through them and hence reduce the risk of sinking. These vessels were designed for leisure use with the ability to handle surf conditions more efficiently.

Sit-on-top kayaks are wide and shorter, a feature that makes them slow and hence cumbersome for long distance paddling. Nevertheless, their large size can accommodate up to four paddlers which makes them good for tandem kayaking. They are popularly used for recreational kayaking where the participants can easily get in and out of the kayak.

Sit-on-top kayaks are ideal for inexperienced paddlers and beginners. Sit on top kayaks are very stable in calm waters but are not very dependable in rough waters. Anglers also prefer them as they are stable when stationary offering them a stable fishing platform.

Sit-in kayaks on the other hand are appropriate for skilled kayakers who want greater control of the vessel. They are the best for white water kayaking and other sporting activities.

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A look at different kayak models for tandem kayaking

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tandem kayaking 2

Sailing on water with a kayak opens up an unmatched beauty of the water world for the kayaker. This experience creates unforgettable moments that would be worth sharing with others. In this case, a tandem kayak would be the best option since it gives an opportunity for two individuals to paddle in one vessel and share the excitement that comes with kayaking. There are a wide range of tandem kayaks that one can choose from. Each of the different types of tandem kayaks are designed to suit specific kayaking needs.

Tandem kayaks offer an opportunity to share kayaking experience with an extra individual by providing an extra seat for the second person. For this reason, they are longer and stronger than the ordinary kayaks so as to accommodate extra weight.

Nevertheless, because of their large size, some of these kayaks are cumbersome to transport and will occupy more space in the garage. On the other hand, when a single person tries to maneuver a tandem kayak, they will find them very difficult to maneuver. When a single person is using a tandem kayak it is advisable to use some compensation weight to help balance the kayak. However, there are some tandem kayaks with a centered seat such that a single paddler can take them out to the waters without difficulties.

Sit-on-top kayaks are the best for tandem kayaking. These kayaks feature a wide base and are relatively shorter than the sit-in kayaks. Because of their size, they can comfortably accommodate two people while remaining stable on the waters. The common type of sit-on-top kayaks are molded into a hollow shape where the paddler can sit comfortably. They are the best for leisure as they allow paddlers to get in and out of the kayak with much ease. However, the paddlers together with their gear are exposed to elements of weather and water since they are not protected by hull.

Nowadays, manufacturers are keen in producing hard shell tandem kayaks that are light weight and durable. Kayaks made of high quality plastic have become more popular in the recent past. These kayaks have been designed to overcome the setbacks of traditional plastic materials that had a lot of weight aand were not very durable.

New technology has brought about the manufacture of plastics that are resistant to damage by UV radiations and easily repairable in case of damage. Sport pescador tandem kayaks are a great entry in the list of affordable, durable and light weight hard-shell tandem kayaks. These kayaks feature comfortable seating systems for two people, molded foot wells, kayak carrier handles and bow and stern tankwell for easy paddling. They can be used by both beginners and novice kayakers for leisure and sport fishing.

For individuals with issues with hard-shell tandem kayaks, an inflatable tandem kayak would serve them better. These kayaks are extremely stable and light weight and therefore the most convenient for use in calm environments. They take some time to inflate and deflate but can be transported more easily unlike the hard-shell kayaks.

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Recreational Kayaks and things to consider when choosing one for personal use

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Recreational kayaking

Recreational kayaking is a rewarding outdoor event which has a myriad of benefits especially for health which includes weight management and relieving of stress. It also provides a good challenge for institution’s social event activities and team bonding sessions. Kayaks that are used for recreational purposes are a little bit different from other kayaks since they have a little bit more width, less height and their cockpits are enlarged in most cases to allow a little more room for movement.

Kayaks that are made for recreational purposes are build in such a way that they can be used on still waters like a lake, on the shores of oceans and on shallow rivers that do not have a lot of upheavals. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a recreational kayak.

Cargo to be carried

The amount of luggage that you need to carry during your recreational expeditions is an important factor to consider before purchasing a recreational kayak. A sit on top vessel is best suited for those who prefer to go for group expeditions and may be required to carry refreshments, snacks and other meals to enjoy with friends.


Since kayaks are built in different sizes, weight and shapes, it is prudent to consider the material used to make the vessel since it greatly affects the portability of the vessel. Fiber glass, plastic and PVC are a few of the materials used to manufacture kayaks and they can have varying effect on their portability depending on the weight of the materials used to build the kayak. Inflatable kayaks are considered to be a better option due to their portability.

Carrying capacity of the vessel

Many kayaks are designed to carry one person but there are tandem kayaks that can accommodate more than one person. While selecting a suitable kayak to purchase, one needs to consider the number of people that are going to use the vessel.  For couples that would like to take the time out together, a kayak that has double sitting capacity would be appropriate. For family outings that might involve a family of parents and the children together, a kayak designed for a larger capacity is best suited.

Desired speed & maneuverability

One of the factors that determine how fast a kayak can move is its length and shape of the hull. For those who are keen on acquiring kayaks best suited for speed, a kayak with a long hull is the most suitable, for those who prefer leisurely paddling of the kayak while taking in the scenes in calm waters a kayak with a wider hull is more preferable for stability.

The design of the kayak determines the ease of maneuvering it in different types of waters. A kayak with a more rounded hull and a shorter length is usually more navigable in turns. The material used to manufacture a kayak can also greatly affect its speed. Kayaks used for surfing are mainly made from fiberglass while those used on white waters are mostly made from plastic.

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Evolution of kayak models and kayak fishing

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kayak fishing 9

Kayak fishing has undergone complete revolution over the last few decades. Kayaking originated with the Eskimos in the arctic region who used kayaks for fishing and hunting.

British Commandos also used them during the Second World War to raid German forces on their ships. They specifically used the collapsible canoes that could easily be carried in bags.

The first known kayaks were hard-shell kayaks made of wood and animal hide. There have been many developments that have led to new developments in the kayaking industry where other materials such as glass, Kevlar, polyurethane and plastics are being used to make kayaks.

New technology has resulted in the development of inflatable and hard-shell kayaks with enhanced features and durability. This has popularised kayaking as an outdoor activity where individuals are using them for sport fishing, racing, touring and recreational purposes. Among these outdoor activities, sport fishing is the most popular as it helps individuals keep fit and enhance their mental health.

Fish as food is also rich in nutrients such as the omega fatty acids and proteins that are essential for the body.

Fishing kayaks come in a wide range of varieties. There are sit on top kayaks and sit in kayaks – hard shell and inflatable kayaks. Sit-on-top kayaks are widely used in warm waters while the sit-in kayaks are best for cold environments. This is because an individual is able to maintain their warmth in a sit in kayaks than on a sit-on-top kayak.

The introduction of inflatable kayaks is one development that hit the sport-fishing industry with a bang. These kayaks are made using collapsible materials that is easily inflated and deflated. They are a favourite to many people since they are light and hence easily portable. These kayaks are quite affordable and more suited for beginners. Kayaks designed for fishing come with enhanced features for attaching items and fishing gear.

Different types of fishing gear have been in use since the last millennia. However, new technology has resulted in the development of advanced gear such as bait casting reels for fishing. This has made the sport simpler and more fulfilling for both beginners and experienced anglers.

There is the basic impression that baitcasting reels are for the superior anglers. This is however not the case since baitcasting reels are available in an array of choices, elements and quality for use by both beginners and novice anglers.

Baitcasting reels are made from either graphite or aluminium. These two materials are designed for use in different environments. For instance, graphite reels are light and highly resistant to corrosion. They can be suitably used in salt water despite the salinity of these environments. Aluminium on the other hand is stronger and more robust than graphite. This makes aluminium reels the best for catching big fish such as the tuna and marlins owing to their resilience. Graphite is a good choice especially for those targeting smaller fish species.

Bait casting reels have overshadowed other fishing gear becoming the most popular among anglers. There are other types or reels used in fishing as well. They include fly reels, spincast reels trolling reels, centerpin reels and underspin reels.

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