Dogs have hobbies too!

It may seem a strange suggestion to make, but dogs enjoy hobbies just as we do. Hobbies are something your dog can get enthusiastic about and help to alleviate boredom, keeping your dog stimulated and keen to learn new things and explore new environments.

Some of the activities all dogs love includes going on walks. Dogs like both regular walks around well known territory but also love the adventure of trying out new excursions. Countryside walks can be interchanged with walks along the sea shore, or urban rambles. Going to different places allows your dog to engage all of their senses- new sounds, new smells, new friends to meet.

Playing games can stimulate your dog and also help to keep your dog well exercised and fit. Dogs love the interaction of chasing after a ball or other toy, and quite often have a favorite toy they like to take out.

Playing games with your dog will also  help the bond between you grow. Dogs are sociable creatures and love the interaction that playing provides. Some large dogs, such as labs, thrive so much on that attention that they literally become addicted to it.

Just like humans, dogs can get excited about foods. Providing a wide range of food items and treats for your dog can help keep your dog in optimum health and keep them excited about mealtimes. Treats and rewards can play a pivotal role in dog training, a few tasty morsels in your pocket will keep your dog focused and alert to your every command. A well trained dog is a pleasure to take out.

Another activity dogs enjoy is being petted. Grooming and brushing and pats on the head can help keep your dog content and feel loved.

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Best of all is having hobbies that you can share with your dog. Examples of these include obedience training, agility courses and hunting. Going on a regular run or meeting up with friends and their dogs can also be a fun shared activity. Spending quality time with your dog can build up a fantastic rapport, your dog really can be your best friend.

Dogs have hobbies too! Credit Picture License: Kimberly Gauthier | Keep the Tail Wagging via photopin cc