Recreational kayaking

Recreational kayaking is a rewarding outdoor event which has a myriad of benefits especially for health which includes weight management and relieving of stress. It also provides a good challenge for institution’s social event activities and team bonding sessions. Kayaks that are used for recreational purposes are a little bit different from other kayaks since they have a little bit more width, less height and their cockpits are enlarged in most cases to allow a little more room for movement.

Kayaks that are made for recreational purposes are build in such a way that they can be used on still waters like a lake, on the shores of oceans and on shallow rivers that do not have a lot of upheavals. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a recreational kayak.

Cargo to be carried

The amount of luggage that you need to carry during your recreational expeditions is an important factor to consider before purchasing a recreational kayak. A sit on top vessel is best suited for those who prefer to go for group expeditions and may be required to carry refreshments, snacks and other meals to enjoy with friends.


Since kayaks are built in different sizes, weight and shapes, it is prudent to consider the material used to make the vessel since it greatly affects the portability of the vessel. Fiber glass, plastic and PVC are a few of the materials used to manufacture kayaks and they can have varying effect on their portability depending on the weight of the materials used to build the kayak. Inflatable kayaks are considered to be a better option due to their portability.

Carrying capacity of the vessel

Many kayaks are designed to carry one person but there are tandem kayaks that can accommodate more than one person. While selecting a suitable kayak to purchase, one needs to consider the number of people that are going to use the vessel.  For couples that would like to take the time out together, a kayak that has double sitting capacity would be appropriate. For family outings that might involve a family of parents and the children together, a kayak designed for a larger capacity is best suited.

Desired speed & maneuverability

One of the factors that determine how fast a kayak can move is its length and shape of the hull. For those who are keen on acquiring kayaks best suited for speed, a kayak with a long hull is the most suitable, for those who prefer leisurely paddling of the kayak while taking in the scenes in calm waters a kayak with a wider hull is more preferable for stability.

The design of the kayak determines the ease of maneuvering it in different types of waters. A kayak with a more rounded hull and a shorter length is usually more navigable in turns. The material used to manufacture a kayak can also greatly affect its speed. Kayaks used for surfing are mainly made from fiberglass while those used on white waters are mostly made from plastic.

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